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UltraSonic Facial


The UltraSonic Facial is a 45-60 minute super hydrating treatment that is great for all skin types. It consists of 3 different parts...

1. The UltraSonic Peel - Imagine pure, clean, cool water and a wonderful, gentle vibration whirling away surface skin for the most exhilarating, most refreshing peel you ever had. This peel is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

2. Antioxidant Infusion - The discovery of the benefits of antioxidants signaled the beginning of a new whole-body approach to skin care and aging. Now, antioxidant nutrition is taken to a whole new level with DermaSound Plus.

3. Microcurrent Therapy - Imagine if you could breathe new life into tired, injured, aging skin cells and encourage new growth and renewal for longer-lasting, more resilient skin.