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skin care treatments

Lactic, Pyruvic & AHA Peel Treatment

$55 / series of 6 - $275

Lactic, Pyruvic, Glycolic & other acids- This is a wonderful treatment for all areas of concern regarding age management. Instead of strictly helping cellular renewal & turn around, this peel actually addresses the enzyme in the skin that creates hyperpigmentation, addresses the skin's ability to retain moisture on a cellular level and can decrease sebum buildup. Perfect for use on every skin type, including sensitive skin, to improve hyper-pigmentaiton, increase luminocity, and overall tone. A great peel series to do twice a year - fall and spring. Best results are achieved when it is performed in a series of 6 weekly treatments and used with home care. For even greater results, combine it with a series of Lightening treatments.

Glycolic Treatment

$35 / series of 5 - $175

Accelerates the removal of dead cells on the outer layers of the skin, rendering the skin soft and smooth. This treatment enhances the results of further professional treatments and makes your home care work more effectively. Perfect for use on most skin types to improve the following conditions age spots, keratoses, acne prone hyperpigmentation, excess oxidation and clogging, crepiness and wrinkles. Best results are achieved when it is performed in a series of 5 weekly treatments.

Vitamin C Treatment


Special dermatological studies have revealed that Vitamin C has anti-pigmentation functions to treat freckles, brown spots and skin tone. Vitamin C also plays an important role in collagen synthesis when used in our galvanic wrap and application.

Enzyme Treatment


A combination of oat flour, pineapple and papaya enzymes, this treatment produces instantly visible results. It cleans and smooths the skin, digests superficial impurities, dead skin cells, seborrheic residues and clogging, including blackheads. It is performed to enhance the appearance and softness of the skin by removing the dull surface. After surface layers are removed, any product applied to the skin, such as moisturizers, can penetrate the skin easier and be more effective. Professional exfoliation is important for healthy skin. For optimal results, use in conjunction with an ampoule to replenish and nourish the skin.

Oxygenating Exfoliant

$25 alone, $15 with enzyme

This gentle exfoliant is wonderful for asphyxiated skin that might be due to smoking, lack of circulation or general aging. It puts nourishing oxygen next to the skin while giving it a light peel. This treatment is great for all skin types especially sensitive skin. Often is used along with an enzyme to help even out overall skin tone.

Ampoule Treatment


Ampoules are used along with the galvanic masque to nourish, protect and feed the skin. They fight free radicals to slow down the aging process of the skin with vitamins A, C, D and E. They change and improve the memory of the cell, feed the skin from the inside out, and boost the skin's ability to hold moisture which results in a more supple, hydrated, and toned appearance. They are penetrated into the dermis by the use of the galvanic current and keeps working for up to three weeks. We offer five ampoules each aimed to aid with specific skin conditions. For optimal results, use after an enzyme or acid.

Desincrustation Treatment for Acne (with facial only)


This treatment removes sebum accumulation, dead cells and toxicity build up from the surface of the skin. An irreplaceable professional deep cleansing treatment, it facilitates extractions when dealing with difficult to cleanse oily and clogged skins.

Paraffin Treatment



Luminous "C" and Sea


A treatment that joins a high potency concentration of Vitamin C with the latest high-tech manufacturing and formulation of pure freeze-dried seaweed, micro- encapsulating the purest and best of vegetal oils: squalene oil. A treatment mask to reduce fine lines, strengthens skin's elasticity, counteract photo aging and restore a youthful appearance. A visible, astonishing result that has no other name but Luminous.

Collagen Treatment


100% PURE NATURAL MARINE COLLAGEN - Collagen is the most important protein in our skin. The collagen freeze-dried treatment stimulates cutaneous functions and helps fight against premature aging, wrinkles and slackening of the skin. Extremely hydrating, it is an intensive treatment to smooth fine lines and improve appearance and texture. Recommended for all skin types with wrinkles or to prevent wrinkles.

Collagen Lip and Eye Treatments

$25 each or $40 for both

Elastin Treatment


Elastin supports the skin with its web pattern of elastic network. It is the underlying frame of the epidermis. The elastin-freeze-dried treatment retards and improves slackening of the skin. An intensive treatment to remold the facial features. It is the best suppleness factor for loss of elasticity and firmness. Recommended for all skin types to prevent or help lack of elasticity.

Plantomer Lift-Off Mask


A treatment that offers a unique combination of active ingredients: the best from the sea - laminaria digita, rich in minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and manganese. The best from the bees: propolis, rich in natural antibiotics and vitamin A. An effective treatment, soothing, strengthening and deeply hydrating to the skin. Leaving it tight, refreshed, vital and healthy with an exceptional glow. It leaves your skin with such a visible result it is often regarded as the "mini face lift".

Lightening Treatment


The only professional treatment existing that helps hyper- pigmentation problems from within the skin. The vegetal D.N.A. helps stimulate the keratinocytes to digest and diffuse better, the melanin they are carrying towards the surface of the epidermis. The professional treatment works on eliminating the reason of having a hyper-pigmentation. The home follow-up treatment works on bleaching the surface of the skin.